What is Interac?

When you make an electronic money transfer at an online casino, Interac acts as an intermediary between your operator and your bank account. You pay Interac, then Interac transfers the funds to your casino account. This in-between wallet solution has as biggest advantage that no personal information is shared between third parties. Also transactions can be performed instantly. This means that not only deposits are instantly in your casino account, but also instant cash outs are possible. And what’s better than getting your big win paid out as fast as possible.

How to find good gambling site with Interac ?

Although there are thousands of legal gambling sites in Canada, unfortunately not all of them accept Interac. To find a high quality online casino that supports Interac, you have two options: spend hours and hours surfing the web and testing casinos that accept Interac to find out which ones are the best or, quite simply, pick from the list of the Interac casinos that Canadacasinohub.com has established for you.

As they have been testing online gambling sites for years, they truly know of some great places that support Interac. On this page, therefore, you will find a selection of the best Interac casinos, all of which offer a wide range of games, available and qualified customer services, and a legal gambling licence.

Why Interac casinos?

Interac is a payment method used at gambling websites. It’s becoming very popular because it guarantees you safe and fast deposits and withdrawals. Therefore Interac is one of the most convenient payment methods to play for real money at a Canadian online casino.

Even though they are rarer than you might think, rogue gambling sites do exist. It is therefore better to do everything possible to protect your personal information and to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. This is why using Interac to play at the gambling site of your choice is an excellent solution.

Interac has another advantage: when a casino accepts this payment method, which only works in Canada, you can be sure that it supports Canadian dollars and that it offers customer service tailored to Canadian players.

Contrary to what one might think, just because Interac emphasizes security doesn’t mean that payments are slow. In fact, Interac is faster than most deposit methods because wire transfers are almost immediate.

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